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This section is only relevant to Riders that are Delivery Partners. You are a Delivery Partner if you are paid weekly and work on a self employed basis. If you are a Delivery Staff member you will be paid monthly and you can find out payment information from your contract or HR documents. This section is not relevant to Delivery Staff.

Delivery Partners are contractors that work in business on their own account and are paid via invoices for services rendered through the marketplace to customers.

Delivery Partner's will receive an invoice on Tuesdays, detailing fees for the previous Monday to Sunday period. Payment for invoices is usually made on Tuesday evening but depending on bank transit times it may take up to a couple of working days for the funds to show in your account. If Tuesday is a bank holiday, payment day will be the following working day. Payment late in the evening such as after 11pm is not unusual, as it is a semi-manual process and we sometimes conduct this process after the last restaurant closes for the day.

If you have not received payment, please do not query this untilΒ the day after payment was due. If there is an issue with your invoice or payment, please fill out this form

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