๐Ÿšฒ Delivering Orders


This guide will show you how to get started with your deliveries for ecoeats.

Always ensure you are using a zero-emissions vehicle, like a bicycle, when making deliveries. Using any other type of vehicle is considered a serious breach of contract that will result in contract termination.

Accepting an Order

When you have your Rider App set to


, you will be offered orders that are available in your area. Orders will pop up on the screen and show you the fee you will be given when the order is complete if you're a Delivery Partner. Note that this does not include the tips given to you by customers, which are revealed at the end of your order.

To accept the order offered to you, swipe the accept slider to the right. If you cannot fulfill this order for some reason, press the reject button.

Heading to the Restaurant

Once you've accepted your order, it's time to head to the restaurant. The ecoeats app shows a simple navigation line to, but you are free to use the round directions button

to open your native Apple or Google maps app to give more in-depth directions.

Often, restaurants have special instructions they want you to follow when you arrive. These instructions are shown below the address of the restaurant in your rider app. This is usually to ensure delivery orders are handled separately from customer orders in their store.

Can't find the restaurant?

Try calling the restaurant using the phone number shown under their name.

At the Restaurant

When you arrive at the restaurant, follow the instructions given in the app for the restaurant. Once you have done so, ask the staff about the status of the six-character ecoeats order number that you see in the app.

You are responsible for making sure the restaurant has given you the correct order number.

  • If the food is


    , the staff will hand you the food and you can be on your way. Sometimes, the food will be left for you to pickup with an ecoeats receipt attached to it.

  • If the food is

    not ready

    , allow some time for the kitchen staff to finish preparing the food. If the wait is becoming too long, refer to

    ๐Ÿ•œRestaurant is taking too long


  • It's essential to always be respectful to restaurant staff and customers , even if you believe the restaurant or customer is behaving unreasonably. If you have a complaint about a restaurant or customer please email


    . Ability to maintain respectful relationships with restaurant staff and customers is key to being a successful ecoeats rider.

    In some cases, you may have more that one order to collect. Make sure you collect all the orders listed in the app before leaving the restaurant. Failure to do so may result in fee deductions.

    Heading to the Customer

    Now that you've collected all the orders at the restaurant, take the food to the customer. Just like when you were going to the restaurant, the Rider app will show you a suggested route. We recommend you press the direction button to use one of the dedicated maps apps on your phone such as Google or Apple maps.

    Once you've arrived at the customer, swipe the

    Arrive at customer

    slider to let them know you're there. If you cannot find the customer, refer to

    ๐Ÿค”Cannot find the customer


    At the Customer

    When you've arrived at the customer, you will see the order that you are meant to deliver to them. This is especially helpful if you have been given multiple orders by a restaurant.

    Always confirm that the number of the order shown in the app matches the receipt attached the food you are handing to the customer. Ask the customer to tell you the order number to confirm that you have found the right customer before handing over the order. If they fail the verification test, contact the live order rider support via the app.

    Accepting Next Order

    When you have arrived at a customer, the system may attempt to offer you your next order. This will be in the form of a popup at the bottom of the screen showing you the location and fee for your next order. Accepting these orders means you always have a constant stream of work and can maximise your earnings for the session.

    ๐Ÿฅณ That's it!

    Now you know how an ecoeats delivery is done. Once you complete an order, the fee and tip will be added to your invoice and paid to your bank account on the next payment date (