๐Ÿค” Cannot find the customer


  • Confirm you are at the right location.

  • Unless you're 100% sure you're at the right place, try using at least two mapping softwares outwith the ecoeats app such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze.

  • Attempt to contact the customer via your preferred method.

  • If unsuccessful, attempt to contact the customer via all available contact methods including phone, chat, text and in app notifications.

  • If unsuccessful, contact ecoeats through the live order support phone number in the app. They will first attempt to contact the customer on your behalf.

  • They will provide instructions to enable you to complete the order if they fail to reach the customer. If you follow these steps and the steps from the ecoeats live agent, you will be paid the rider fee for the order.

  • Do not leave food unattended without permission from ecoeats or the customer. If you do so, you may be charged for the value of the food, not be paid the rider fee and/or be unable to continue riding with ecoeats.

  • Notifications & Chat

    Tap the Support icon in the top bar of the screen to access the Support menu.

    In this menu, you can see the order you are currently delivering for and the actions you can take. Sending the customer a notification if they are not responsive is often a good idea. If you are trying to figure something out with the customer, for example, which house number they are, you can use the chat functionality to get in touch with them directly.

    Time is often a factor with deliveries, so we recommend calling the customer to ensure you both get the most efficient use of your time.

    Pin is Wrong

    Sometimes, customers use the incorrect location pin when specifying where they live. If you have called the customer and they tell you their actual address, you can override the app and mark the pin as incorrect.