๐Ÿ’Ž Delivering items so they arrive in great condition

Great care must be taken to deliver all items in the same condition that you received them.

  • Items must be kept level when being put into or removed from your thermal bag. For example, pizzas must be kept horizontal at all times and transported with care to prevent deformation and topping slide.

  • For extra protection, you can place padding at the bottom of your thermal backpack to cushion the items inside. Strategic placement of padding will also help you to keep items level while cycling.

  • Cycling in ways that could damage the items in your bag, such as bumping up and down kerbs, sudden or jerky movements should be avoided except where safety is at risk.

  • Driving abruptly, except where safety is at risk, must be avoided. Items must be secured in a level position in your thermal bag in your zero emissions vehicle.

  • If you believe that you may have compromised the condition of the items, you must contact Ecoeats as soon as safe to do so.

  • Riders not following the above will not be able to continue riding with Ecoeats.