📅 Golden Slots

This section is only relevant to Delivery Partners and not to Delivery Staff members.


You are not required to book a golden slot in order to deliver orders with ecoeats.

You can simply go online, and start receiving orders at any time. This is sometimes referred to as riding 'off slot'. A great time to ride off slot is when ecoeats displays a notification that it is experiencing high demand. It may also indicate this through offering a

🤑Fee Boosts


That said, there are some advantages to riding 'on slot'.

Booking a Golden Slot

Access the booking slot planner from your Settings menu in the ecoeats Rider app.

Find a slot that you are able to attend.

Book the slot!

Where you have met the

💯Attendance Criteria

for a golden slot, the proportion of the slot the Delivery Partner is detectable as online in the ecoeats rider app for (P) multiplied by the Golden Slot Value (V) multiplied by the length of the slot (in hours) (L) minus the sum of per order fee opportunities offered during the slot (F) will constitute the Golden Slot Top Up, and where this is positive, it will be added to your invoice.

Golden Slot Top Up = P*V*L-F

For example, if the Golden Slot Value was £10 per hour, you met the

💯Attendance Criteria

, you were detectable as online in the ecoeats rider app for 90% of the 2 hour golden slot, and you were offered only £15 worth of order fees during the slot, the Golden Slot Top Up that would be added to your invoice would be:


= 0.9*£10*2 - £15

= 0.9*£20*2 - £15

= £18 - £15

= £3

If, however, you were instead offered £25 worth of orders during the aforementioned slot, the Golden Slot Top Up would be £0.


The planner is empty

You may need to improve your

📈Attendance Statistic

. If you have a good statistic and checked the app at the main release time of 11am Wednesday, then it may be that all the slots for the upcoming week have already been booked by other riders.

When are slots released?

Most slots are release at 11am on Wednesday, however, your access to them will depend significantly on the numbers released, whether other riders book them first, your 

📈Attendance Statistic

relative to other riders. Slots you have access to book will appear in the planner tab of the rider app. Golden slots are popular, so you may not see any in your planner.

Slots may become available adhoc throughout the week if delivery partners cancel slots or ecoeats releases new slots because it expects additional demand.

The app is not tracking my online time correctly

Check the


section for more information.