As part of your work with ecoeats, you may be offered package deliveries.

Offers for Package Deliveries

You will be offered package deliveries in the same way you are offered food delivery orders. You can choose to accept or reject these orders. Rejecting orders during a booking slot will cause the same damage to your statistics as rejecting food delivery orders.

Why is ecoeats doing package deliveries?

We've been delivering food from restaurants to customers since 2020. The technology we've built, like the ecoeats Rider app you're using right now, gives you access to great flexible work when you want it.

We always want to make sure we've got enough orders in the system to keep you moving, and adding in the ability for customers, businesses and non-ecoeats restaurants to send packages, food and more from A to B will increase the order volume that we are able to provide to you.

Why should I do package deliveries?

We think there's a bunch of reasons to accept package delivery offers when you get them.

Package delivery gigs almost always involve

no wait time

at the pickup. Unlike restaurant food delivery offers, where ecoeats must play a complicated guessing game to predict when food will be ready, packages tend to be ready for pickup from the moment the customer placed the order.

Package delivery gigs pay fees comparable to food delivery gigs. In many cases, accepting package orders will earn you higher fees than food delivery gigs.

Can I only do package deliveries, not food?

You are expected to accept ecoeats orders when you are offered them. Whilst you always have the ability to reject, access to

πŸ“…Golden Slots

and other parts of the ecoeats platform depend on your acceptance rate across all types of offers.

Opting out of Package Deliveries

You are able to opt out of receiving package delivery orders by changing your order settings, in Settings ➝ Account.

Opting out will not affect your statistics in any way. Currently, opting out will also not affect your ability to make booking slots.

Picture Verification

When delivering packages to customers, we'll ask you to take a photo of the items you're delivering. We know this is an extra step, but it gives customers the reassurance that packages have been safely delivered to their recipient or to a safe place.

If, for some reason, you are unable to submit a picture of the item in a safe place, submit a picture of the place where you dropped it off. Once you have done so, contact rider support to inform them of the situation.

Video Walkthrough

This short demo shows someone accepting a package delivery order, travelling to the first pickup and then travelling to the destination.